Warm Transfers

What is a Warm Transfer?

Our Warm Transfer program was built for agents to connect more effectively with potential clients while they’re live on the phone! 

Fast response time is a critical factor in successfully closing online referrals. Contact referrals immediately and improve your chances of working and closing a warm transfer lead.

How to Opt-In to Warm Transfer
How to Opt-Out of Warm Transfer

How Warm Transfer Works:

  • When a HomeLight Advisor has a client on the phone who is interested in speaking with an agent now, the advisor will initiate the Warm Transfer process. 
  • 3-5 eligible agents will be notified about the referral opportunity from the HomeLight Mobile App and by text message.
    • Once you download the HomeLight mobile app, enable push notifications, so you do not miss out on a Warm Transfer opportunity. 
  • The first agent to respond to this alert will be connected to the client. 
    • Please Note: The HomeLight mobile app will provide you with crucial lead details so your initial contact will be more informed.

How to Accept a Warm Transfer: 

Connecting to a HomeLight referral via Warm Transfer is easy! 

  1. Swipe the push notification to open the HomeLight mobile app or your text messaging app. 
  2. Review the lead details and click the link (text message) or button (mobile app) to dial into the Warm Transfer line. 
  3. After a brief hold, you will be connected with a HomeLight Advisor to brief you on the client's needs. 
  4. The HomeLight Advisor will connect you to a three-way call with the client. 

Update the Referral after the call: 

After hanging up with the Warm Transfer referral, open your mobile app and update us on how your call went! 

  • To update the status of your referral, find the client's name in your "Referrals" list, and select the appropriate responses. 

If I miss the Warm Transfer, can I still receive the referral? 

If you were not the first agent to respond, you might still have an opportunity to receive the referral! Once the winning agent concludes the Warm Transfer call, up to two additional agents will be introduced to the client. 

  • The two additional agents will be notified of the referral via email, text message, and HomeLight app push notification.

Don't have the HomeLight App? Download the iOS version here and the Android version here.

If you have additional questions on how to claim a Warm Transfer via Digital Call please visit our Digital Call Claiming Help Article.