Digital Call Claiming

HomeLight can now directly introduce and connect you to your referral via phone call without the need for dialing a phone number and entering a unique PIN.

Claiming HomeLight referrals is easy, read through the following steps to get an understanding of how the new claiming process works.

  1. HomeLight sends you a direct Email, Push Notification through the app, or SMS to notify you of the opportunity to connect with your new HomeLight referral.

  2. Once you select the link within the Email, Push Notification, or SMS, you will be redirected to either the HomeLight Web Portal or Mobile App to continue the claiming process. (Web Portal or Mobile App).
    Mobile Version                          Web Version

  3. When in your portal, select “Call me to Claim Referral” to accept the HomeLight referral. This will allow our system to initiate a call directly to you, making the referral-claiming process easier!

  4. After you accept the phone call from HomeLight, the referral will be claimed, allowing you to reach out to the client directly to connect. After you complete the call, additional information on the client will be sent to you via email and can be seen within your HomeLight portal.


  • How can I update my phone number before claiming the referral?

Once you select the link and get redirected to the HomeLight platform to claim the referral, select the “Not your number” link to update your contact information.

  • The referral is not a good fit, how can I decline?

Once you select the link and get redirected to the HomeLight platform, click the “Decline Referral” button.

  • I am unable to receive the phone call, what should I do?

If you are unable to receive a phone call within 20 seconds, you will be given the option to initiate another call by clicking the “Call me again” button. If you are unable to receive a phone call during the second attempt, a phone number and PIN will be provided.

  • Can a member of my team accept the referral?

Yes, they can. You will receive a message if your team member happens to claim the referral first.