Lead Routing and Broadcast Claiming

Lead Routing allows you, as the Team Lead, to broadcast referrals directly to your team members so they can claim a referral.

How it works

With Lead Routing, you and your team will no longer be required to pick up a phone call and enter a PIN to claim a HomeLight referral. Instead, you can now easily claim the lead by: 

    • Digital Call Claiming: You can initiate a request for HomeLight to connect you with a client via a direct phone call — no pin required. 
    • Text Claiming: You have the option to engage with the client directly via text message rather than a call.

After turning this feature on for select team members, each referral will be broadcasted directly to each member based on your rules and the first one to claim will be assigned the referral.

How to set it up

Lead Routing

  1. Navigate to the settings page
  2. Click to enable the feature
  3. Then add up to 10 team members you would like to receive referrals. You may decide if you would like them to receive buyers, sellers, or both. 
  4. If you'd like your team member to be assigned Warm Transfer notifications, you can quickly enable this by selecting Enable Warm Transfer for up to 3 team members.

As you set up each member with Lead Routing, please confirm that:  

  1. Each team member's profile is up-to-date with their account email and phone number
  2. Each team member is signed into the HomeLight mobile app with their own login credentials and has the most up-to-date version. You should not be sharing the login across the team anymore on the mobile app. 
  3. The Team Lead's phone numbers and Team Members phone numbers (office and cell) are set to phone numbers that can handle Warm Transfer opportunities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Team Members can I route referrals to?

  • You have the ability to include up to 10 agents in your team for lead routing purposes.

Can I turn on Lead Routing for Warm Transfer referrals?

  • Lead Routing gives you the ability to assign up to 3 agents to receive notifications of new Warm Transfer opportunities including the Fallback Agent/

What is a fallback agent?

  • A fallback agent is the designated agent who will always receive notification of a new referral. This agent cannot be removed and by default, the fallback agent is set as the Team Lead, however, this can be changed to any agent in your lead routing team. The dedicated fallback agent will also automatically be set to receive Warm Transfer notifications.

What is a lead routing rule?

  • A lead routing rule allows you to define the specific types of referrals that you want your agents to receive. You have the flexibility to choose whether your agents should receive referrals for buyers, sellers, or both.

How do my agents claim a referral?

What happens after my agent claims the referral?

  • Once an agent claims a referral, the system will automatically assign it to them. They will then be able to view this new referral in their agent dashboard.

What happens if I disable lead routing?

  • If you choose to disable lead routing, your team members will no longer receive broadcast leads. However, all of your lead routing settings will be saved so that if you decide to enable lead routing again in the future, you won't have to start from scratch.

What if one of my team members is on vacation?

  • If one of your team members is currently on vacation and is included in lead routing, it is recommended to temporarily remove them as an eligible agent until they return. This ensures that the referrals are directed to active team members who are available to handle them promptly.

What happens if a team member declines a referral?

  • If a team member is unable to accept a referral at the moment, they have the option to decline it. However, it's important to note that declining a referral only affects that particular team member and does not decline the referral for the entire team. The referral will still be available unless the team lead specifically declines it.

What happens if I don't want to implement lead routing for my team?

  • Lead routing greatly improves the efficiency of agent outreach, allowing teams to respond to referrals more quickly than if lead routing was not implemented. If lead routing is not enabled, you may be deprioritized in HomeLight's algorithm due to your response time, impacting overall referral volume.

Who can I include in my lead routing?

  • Lead routing is available to all licensed agents on your team.

I'm not receiving the phone call to claim my referral, what should I do?

  • Make sure you are signed in to your personal HomeLight account, and to save the HomeLight phone numbers that will contact you to claim your referral, (415) 985-1909 and (415) 855-3933. If you experience issues receiving the call after two tries, don't worry, the system will give you a phone number and a PIN to claim.
    • For more information on Digital Call Claiming click here.