Share Link Access Settings

Edit Access to Your Property Package

As a listing agent, if you already have the share link for your property package but would like buyer agents to be able to register and get automatic access to the documents, this article will show you how to update the settings of your property package share link.

If you need to get the share link for your listing package this help article will show you how to get that done: Share Your Package By Link

How It’s Done

Step 1 - Navigate to Your Property Package

Step 2- Click on the green Share Property button


Step 3- Choose Get Share Link option


Step 4- Update the Link Settings 


For security reasons the default setting for the share link is "Users with this link require your approval to view documents". To provide interested agents with instant access to your packages, select the option "Users with this link can immediately view documents". 


Q: Do I have to update the link after I change the access settings?

  • A: No, your link will remain the same after changing the access settings.

Q: If buyer agents previously requested access do they get automatic access when I change the link?

  • A: If a buyer party requested access prior to the access settings being updated you would need to manually approve or deny the request. This can be done by going to the "Viewers" tab in the property package and approving their request.

Q: What happens when someone clicks on the link to my property package?

  • A: When someone clicks on the link for the disclosure package, they will be taken to a registration page prompting them to enter their contact information before getting access to the package. Each person will have to enter this information whether or not you have allowed automatic access to the package.


Q: Where is the link to share with my buyers?

  • A: The share link is only available to listing agents. As a buyer agent to ensure your clients information is kept confidential we only allow for shares via direct email invite.