Pro Feature: Activity Tracking

Actively track the interest level of your listings. Know who’s looking and what they are looking at.

So you’ve created and shared an amazing listing package on HLM. Wouldn’t you love to know who is reviewing and downloading it?

Activity tracking is an exclusive feature available with a Pro subscription. With it you’ll be able to actively track the interest level of your listings.


Here’s how you get to your package activity:


Go to your package ACTIVITY tab


Here is what you’ll find with Activity Tracking


Immediately at the top of your activity tab view you’ll see a row of four(4) stats on your Package Activity.


Here is what each statistic will reflect:

  • INTERESTED PARTIES -  This includes all agents that have requested access to the package as well as buyers and buyer agents that you have invited directly.  This does not include the buyers that were invited by other buyer agents.
  • VIEWS - Provides you with the total number of views from interested buyer parties. 
  • DOWNLOADS -Indicates the total number of complete package downloads. This statistic DOES NOT include the number of individual document downloads. 
  • OFFERS - Reflects the number of offers submitted via HLM for your listing.


Here is what you’ll see within the Activity Log


There are a number of activity types. They are posted with a time and date stamp as indicated in the image below. 


What’s next?

Say you want to share or view your package activity with a colleague or client or you want to save your activity in a copy format... You can! The “DOWNLOAD VIEWER ACTIVITY” button will allow you to export your activity into a CSV file to be transferred to a spreadsheet software of your choice.



Q: Can I get access to a package activity log with a basic HLM account?

  • A: No. Activity tracking is an exclusive feature provided with a monthly or annual subscription to HLM Pro

Q: I am a buyer’s agent, if I have Pro will I have access to the listing teams package activity?

  • A: No. As a buyer’s agent you will have access to the listing agents direct activity of their package along with activity of your client, should you decide to share the package with your client. 

Q: I do not currently have Pro, but if I get Pro will I have retroactive visibility to package activity?

  • A: Yes. Once you sign up for Pro, your activity will display all past and current registered package activity. 

Q: I am a Pro user, but there is no activity showing in my package, what’s going on?

  • A: Ensure you are signed in with the account credentials associated with your Pro access. You can do this by verifying which email is visible to the top left of your profile next to your name and photo. If the email is not the email to which Pro was purchased to, simply log out and log back in with the proper credentials. If you can confirm your email is associated with Pro, but the features are not available, reach out to HLM support to for further assistance. 

Q: If I share the package with my sellers will they see the activity?

  • A: No. When a listing package is shared with a seller client,  the client has a read-only view of the listing package. They will not have access to viewing package activity.

Q: I am a Pro user, why can’t my team members see the activity on a package?

  • A: Ensure your team member also has their own access to an HLM Pro subscription so they can see package activity just as you do. A Pro subscription is associated with the account to which it is registered. 

Q: How do I export the activity information?

A: Click on the DOWNLOAD VIEWER ACTIVITY button at the top of your activity tab view. Your activity will be downloaded as a CSV file to be exported or transferred to a spreadsheet software of your choice.