I've Already Been In Contact With A Client Prior To HomeLight Referring Them To Me

At HomeLight, we know that top agents like you use a variety of channels, sources, and tactics to grow your business, so we understand if there’s some overlap in clientele.

If HomeLight sends you a referral and you had previous contact with the client, you will need to reach out to closings@homelight.com with time and date-stamped proof that you have a prior relationship with the client we referred to you.

Acceptable documentation

  • Written documentation with time and date stamped phone call record/text message with the client prior to HomeLight introduction. There must be evidence of the client's communication.
  • Time and date-stamped email correspondence with the client.
  • Proof of listing through MLS records (prior to referral)

Please Note

  • We do not accept client testimonials.
  • We do not accept CRM outreach where no person-to-person interaction has occurred.
  • We do not accept handwritten notes or documents.
  • Valid proof of a prior relationship must be provided within 2 days of receiving the HomeLight referral, please refer to your HomeLight Referral Agreement for specific details surrounding prior contact.

HomeLight will review any other documentation (which may not be listed above) that you provide regarding this referral. We will go through a formal review process and make a determination based on the provided documentation.