Manage Offers Like a Pro

Seamlessly manage offers in one place.

For Listing Agents
Get your offers out of email. Seamlessly manage everything in one place. Sellers will love how easy it is to understand and compare offers. 

For Buyer Agents
Submit your client's offer with confidence and receive instant confirmation of receipt via text and email.

Disclosures to Offers

All of the interested parties have access to your property package on HomeLight Listing Management (HLM). Now they can submit their offer directly to you through the property package. 

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Submit Offers Securely

As a Buyer Agent, you can craft your offer, add your documents, and submit it directly to the Listing Team. You'll be notified as soon as it's viewed. 

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Manage Offers 

If you are on the Listing Team with HLM Offers you will be able to easily compare the terms of each offer side-by-side. For Pro users, you will also be able to securely share the offers with your sellers for their review. 

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Getting Started

  1.  If you have an account with HomeLight Listing Management, then you can start receiving offers through your disclosure packages.
    🔎 Click here to access the self-set up Checklist
  2. When you create a new disclosure package, you'll see an Offers tab. Any offers submitted through  HomeLight Listing Management will be kept here.
  3. When you start receiving offers, you can share them with your clients. 

FAQ- Listing Agents

Q: How do I tell Buyer Agents where to submit their offers?

  • A: Most Listing Agents set the expectation of how to submit offers on the Coversheet.
       🔎 Click here for more info on How to Edit Your Coversheet

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Q: How much does the Offers Management feature cost?

  • A: The ability to have buyer agents submit offers directly to your package with the HLM Offers Feature is available to all users at no cost. However, sharing the offers with your Seller to review in is a Pro feature.
       🔎 Click here for more information on for Sellers

FAQ- Buyer Agents

Q: How do I submit an offer through HomeLight Listing Management?

  • A: When you are invited to a property package as a Buyer Agent, there will be a Create Offer button found under the property address.
       🔎 Click here for more info on Submitting Offers

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Q: Can I schedule an offer to be sent to the listing agent at a specific time? 

  • A: Yes. Once you've created your offer, you can schedule it to be sent to the Listing Team at any date or time. This is a great feature if you know that you'll be away from your computer when offers are due.Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 12.02.04 PM

Q: How do I know if my offer has been submitted?

  • A: You will receive an email or text message notification as soon as your offer has been submitted. This notification is the same for offers that have been submitted via the Scheduling feature.

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Q: How do I know if my offer has been viewed?

  • A: You will receive an email or text message notification as soon as the Listing Team views your offer. This will indicate that your offer has been Acknowledged. 

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Q: How do I know if my offer has been accepted?

  • A: It is the responsibility of the listing agent to confirm the acceptance or refusal of any offer submitted. will not notify you of either result.

Q: As a buyer's agent, can I create an offer on a package I created myself?

  • A: As a buyer’s agent, offers can only be submitted to property packages you are invited to view by the property listing team. Creating a buyer’s package as a buyer’s agent will not provide you with the option to submit offer.