Install App on Your Mobile Device on Your iPhone

You can install on your iOS devices. This will allow you to access and share your disclosure packages and quickly connect with interested buyer parties. Here’s how to set up for mobile.

See How It's Done 

Step 1 - Download the Mobile App 

First find and install on your iOS device by going to the app store. 

Note: The for iOS supports iOS11.x and above. 

Step 2 - Sign In to Your Account

Login using your preferred account information. If you normally login via the MLS use your email associated with your MLS account. 

Step 3 - Enable push notifications 

Finally, if you’d like to receive notification to your phone when buyer parties are reviewing and downloading your disclosure package enable the push notifications.  

What’s next? 

Once you’ve downloaded the mobile app you’ll be able to access and share your disclosure packages. 


Q: How Do I login using my DocuSign Account?

A: You'll want to select the "Login with an emailed link" option and use the email associated with you DocuSign account. You'll get an email notification that you can access on your phone that will verify your email and log you into your account.

Q: Can I edit documents in the mobile app?

A: The mobile app was designed to make sharing and seeing activity detail around the disclosure package easier. We do not offer a way to edit documents in the mobile app.

Q: Do you have an app for Android?

A: We currently only offer an app for iOS users. 

Q: Will this work on my iPad?

A: The app will work on your iPad. Be sure your device is updated and running on supports iOS11.x and upwards. 

Q: Can I choose which notifications I will be receiving?

A: At the bottom of the screen is a profile option. By selecting this profile there will be a section labeled “Push Notifications”. Here you can specify what type of notifications you would like to be alerted to if there is activity taken around your disclosure package.