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What Is HomeLight Listing Management

HomeLight Listing Management (HLM) provides agents with the ability to receive non-contingent offers. This is accomplished by giving Agents and Transaction Coordinators the ability to create digital Listing Information Packages that are easy to share and track viewership activity. These Packages contain the supplemental documents specific to the property being listed, that buyers won't find on real estate portals like Zillow.

HomeLight Listing Management is built for teams. Trusted by Transaction Coordinators, Assistants, Realtors, Brokers, Brokerages, and Associations, HLM makes it easy for you to invite your team to manage, store, and monitor viewer activity on listing documents - in one secure location. You control who has access, and your information will never end up on Google.

The Listing Management Software for Efficient Agents

With HomeLight Listing Management, you can create great-looking disclosure packages, collaborate on them with your team and share them with interested buyer parties.

When you share your disclosure package with interested parties, you will be able to see the interest level of your listing by viewing the activity.

When you create a property package using HLM, you get access to a host of PDF manipulation tools to help you get everything into the right format:

  • Split large documents into smaller PDFs

  • Rotate pages documents

  • Apply Read and Received stamps

  • Add annotations to reports

  • Organize the order of your documents: alphabetically or custom drag and drop

Once you've assembled all of the documents, HLM will create a Coversheet for your disclosure package and automatically generate a table of contents with the document names and page numbers. Don't worry if you need to make an update to your package, HLM will update your table of contents for you as you make changes. You can choose to quickly send an email notification to inform those you’ve shared the package with of any updates.

HomeLight Listing Management keeps you looking professional and organized while making sharing your property information a breeze. Most importantly, HLM also gives you insight into your transaction in a way that you never had before!

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Who To Contact

If you’d like to learn more about HomeLight Listing Management or have any additional questions please reach out to our dedicated support team at support@disclosures.io.