How much does HomeLight cost?

How much does HomeLight cost?

Being a HomeLight partner agent is completely free. We believe in providing clients with a 100% objective experience. We do not offer paid subscription plans or promotional opportunities. If we do refer a client to you and the transaction closes, we will charge a standard broker-to-broker referral fee. This fee will be a percentage of the HomeLight agent's gross commission on the sale.

Please see your referral agreement for complete details.  

What is the referral fee?

All agents agree to pay HomeLight a referral fee on all closed transactions through their employing broker. Please note the information below: 

  • A referral fee is triggered when a transaction closes within three years of the date of the referral.

  • The referral fee will be calculated from the agent's side of the gross commission. Gross commission is calculated once it’s received by the agent’s broker prior to any split of commission with the agent or any other brokers on the agent’s side of the transaction. The agent will not owe any monthly or per-lead fees.

  • If an agent represents both the buyer and seller on the same transaction and one party is an HomeLight Referral, the referral fee will be the standard fee (33%) of ½ of the total gross commission of the transaction.  

  • If an agent represents both a buyer and seller on the same transaction where both parties are HomeLight referrals, the referral fee will be the standard fee of the total gross commission.

  • If an agent represents a client referred by HomeLight in multiple transactions within three years of the date of the referral, the standard referral fee will apply to these additional transactions. No fee shall apply to the transactions after the three-year period.

  • After the signing of a contract for a transaction resulting from a referral, the agent will promptly notify HomeLight via email or via the HomeLight website and indicate the expected closing date. The agent will instruct the escrow officer to pay the resulting referral fee directly from escrow.