Importance of a Quick Response to Referrals

Responsiveness is a key performance metric. 80% of the time we have just spoken with the client and they are anticipating your phone call. The referral is sent to 2 agents for a buyer and 3 agents for a seller. Your goal is to be the first agent to connect with the client. 

Agents who are able to reach out within the first 15 minutes have a higher connection rate and close rate success. 

If a referral is not accepted within 30 minutes, the system will send it to the next top agent match. This is when you potentially may lose the referral access if you don’t respond before the next agent. 

If you are unable to work with a HomeLight-referred client, decline immediately via the HomeLight mobile app or via the link in the text/email. 

A top-performing agent responds to a referral within 30 minutes over 80% of the time.