What Is A Guaranteed & Non-Guaranteed Referral?

You can receive two types of referrals - Guaranteed or Non-Guaranteed.

Guaranteed Referrals

"Guaranteed Referrals” are referrals that agents will have guaranteed access to for 30 minutes. If you receive a “guaranteed referral,” you are a top-three agent match for our client! 

Each referral will have up to two to three agents who receive “guaranteed” access to the referral for 30 minutes. If 30 minutes elapses and an agent who has received a guaranteed referral has not contacted the client, HomeLight will send the referral to the additional agents.

In a situation where HomeLight opens the referral to non-guaranteed agents and they contact the referral first, the “guaranteed” agents would no longer have access to the referral.

Non-Guaranteed Referrals 

Non-Guaranteed Referrals” are referrals that are sent to agents if the original “guaranteed” agents do not contact a client within the 30-minute guarantee period. If you receive a “non-guaranteed” referral, you may lose access to the lead at any time if up to two HomeLight agents contact a referral before you do.

To ensure you have the best access to referrals, please reach out to them immediately.