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How HomeLight Cash Offer Works

With the HomeLight Cash Offer program, you are able to turn your buyers into cash buyers, and close on their new home in as few as 12 days.

The HomeLight Cash Offer Process

Step 1: Get your client fully cash approved

We evaluate your client and, if approved, underwrite them in full to empower them to make a HomeLight Cash Offer.

Step 2: Make a strong offer on their new home

Write a HomeLight Cash Offer under your client’s name with our proof-of-funds rather than a pre-approval letter, with no financial or appraisal contingencies.

Step 3: Close in as few as 12 days

That means pay day for you — and moving day for your client.

Step 4: Mortgage closing

We refinance your client into a long-term mortgage ~20-30 days later.


How much does the program cost? 

HomeLight Cash Offer has a flat fee of 2%* of the incoming residence purchase price.

How long does the HomeLight Cash Offer process take?

It depends on how quickly your client provides the requested documentation for their upfront underwrite. We can complete the underwrite in a few days after we have the loan application and all supporting documents. Once your client is fully cash approved, we can close on their home in as few as 12 days after offer acceptance. The refinance of their short-term cash loan into a long-term mortgage takes 20-30 days on average.

Does HomeLight still require an appraisal?

Yes. In most cases, an appraisal is required. The appraisal occurs after your client’s short-term cash loan closes, but before the refinance of the short-term cash loan into a long-term mortgage. This is to protect your clients from appraisal gap risk while removing the appraisal contingency on their offer. 

How does the short-term cash loan work? 

Your client is provided with a short-term HomeLight cash loan at the same interest rate as their mortgage, which they combine with their own down payment to purchase their home. Your buyer will receive loan disclosures for both their cash loan and their mortgage once they’re under contract with the seller.

Which clients are a good fit for the program? 

HomeLight Cash Offer is a great fit for a variety of buyers — we’re able to approve up to $2 million in loan value. We can also assist clients in need of a VA loan, and ensure a closing within 35 days. However, we’re currently unable to work with clients who require a USDA loan.



*Fee's subject to change; Minimums apply.