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Submit a Client to HomeLight’s Cash Offer Program

In this article, we’ll go over the process to submit your client to the HomeLight Cash Offer program. 

How It’s Done

Log In and Choose the Transactions Tab

Sign in to your HomeLight account. Select the Transactions tab at the top of your screen and select the Cash Offer button to get started. Alternatively, you can also go to the right side bar (under 'Available Products') and choose Cash Offer.

CO Lead Submission Screenshot 1

CO Lead Submission Screenshot 2

Enter Your Client's Information and Property Details

Provide your client’s basic information. You need to personally submit your clients to the Cash Offer program. The next steps will help ensure all information is entered correctly.

This includes the name and contact of your client.

CO Lead Submission Screenshot 3

CO Lead Submission Screenshot 3 (1)

Confirm that the details that you entered are correct. Once done, hit Submit.

CO Lead Submission Screenshot 4


You will get a confirmation message immediately after submitting the information. You can then close out of the dialogue box and go to the list of all your transactions, or click the View Transaction Detail Page to view the details of this transaction.

SS Lead Submission Screenshot 7